Whether you are a boutique private practice owner or a well-established group practice, we have programs to support you in long-term practice growth, productivity and creating the life and practice you love...by design.


Leverage Track

You are a solo-practitioner who is in a growth phase of the practice. You are ready to leverage your time and establish a successful hygiene department.

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Growth TrackYou are a well-established practice owner who is eager to maximize productivity. You are ready for the existing hygiene team to expand and reach new levels of growth.

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“As a result of working with Chris, we immediately recognized the value of a growing hygiene department and the vitality to the practice it can bring. Bringing Chris in to work with developing my team and hygiene department has been a priceless investment in my practice.”

Robert J. McHarris, DDS

Newport Beach, CA

“From a clinical and practice management perspective, there is no one I'd recommend higher to provide excellence for those who seek the dedication and positive results required for a truly highly successful practice.”

William R. Dapper, DDS

San Clemente, CA

“Your training today was very well organized and useful. What was most helpful was really understanding how to design periodontal programs, incorporate laser treatment and locally-applied antibiotics with therapy. I loved how engaging the interaction and activities were. Thank you!”

Candace Macias, RDH

Bakersfield, CA

“Chris has created systems that have integrated seamlessly and established a sense of order and organization to our entire hygiene protocol. It has created a more productive team and has freed us up to focus on what matters most -- our patient care. Our hygiene department is now solid and thriving.”

Noreen Brandon, Office Manager

Newport Beach, CA

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Here we are at the beginning of another exciting new year. One exercise I like to do (generally on my holiday break) is sit quietly and reflect on the year — a highlights reel, if you will, with a few questions in mind, how did I show up? How did I grow? How did I serve? I also do this…

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The Fourth Quarter Comeback : Finishing STRONG! -

  We’re already well into the fourth quarter of 2015 and, as many are, you may be wondering how we got here so fast. You may even be thinking about the financial status of the practice for the year and if your annual goal is within reach. Well, it’s crunch time so, I’m here to roll up my sleeves with you and get to work on…

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Decoding Decoding CDT for a Winning Hygiene Team -

              I have the privilege of bringing Patti DiGangi to you. Patti is a hygienist of over 30 years, filled with vision and passion for our industry more than ever. She empowers hygienists all over the country with her courses and inspires me to be the best hygienist I can be for my patients. I refer to Patti as the Queen…

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Social Media Like Simplifying Social Media for Success -

Social media for the dental practice is a topic that can no longer be ignored. Many progressive dentists and their teams recognize social media as a huge opportunity for deepening their connection and relationship with patients. When managed properly, a social media platform can increase patient retention, serve as a means for educating patients, expand practice exposure, generate referrals and…

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Periodontal patient Expanding the Perio-Focused Approach — Part II -

Welcome to Part II of Expanding the Perio-Focused Approach.  In Part I we explored periodontal probing in depth and how we can expand this one simple step into a hygiene department that is perio-focused. When we shift from a prophy to a perio mindset we detect and treat disease early and proactively, our patients become healthier and more enrolled in their…

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Remember September 11 Remembering September 11th, 2001 -

              If you are anything like me you can recall every detail of that day as if it were yesterday. For me, it was a typical Tuesday morning getting ready for work with CNN on in the background just to fill the empty space. I remember hearing the breaking report come through. I could hear the fear and tension in the…

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Periodontal Probe Expanding the Perio-Focused Approach – Part I -

                I had quite a few questions asking me to expand more on the perio-focused approach that was mentioned in the previous article. Therefore, I thought I’d share a few tips that will support your hygiene team in being laser-focused on the periodontal status and health of each and every patient. I’m going to divide this into two parts in order…

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Rising Up 3 Easy Ways to Step Up Your Game in Hygiene -

                While juggling the schedule, managing the business of the practice and leading the team, the hygiene department is one area that most dentists would agree they would love to have operating as co-pilot without having to micromanage the process. Here are just a few ways your hygienist can take the lead, increase practice revenue and enhance patient care…starting today! 1| Be Perio-Focused As…

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  I’m sure you’ve heard about the unpleasant shopping experience Oprah shared in a film promotion interview this past week. A brief story that Oprah shared in an unexpected moment has turned into a media frenzy but, in case you missed it… Oprah meandered into a boutique recently while staying in Switzerland. She was shopping alone — with no entourage — and,…

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Say Ahhh How Do You Say Ahhh? -

                    Our product buzz this month is centered around time management and productivity. Without the right systems in place, we can sometimes find ourselves compromising one for the other. For those of you who know me, you know I don’t hold back sharing when I’ve been off track and where I’ve grown. What I mean by off track is, we can often…

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